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Updated: Oct 30, 2022


What's the Business?

YOYO THE VOICE wears many hats. She takes on different roles and work in several capacities. She is an Author. In 2021 she self published her first novel, "Growing Through The Pain: Breaking Generational Curses". It was written to give insight and advice to those who has suffered with pain and trauma in their family and are ready to move past the hurt. In 2022, she became a Certified Life Coach who specializes in Business, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment, to help her clients expand their expectations for their businesses and reach a higher level of success within their life and endeavors. She is a Notary Public in the State of Georgia. She is a Licensed Ordained Minister. She is a Poet. She is the administrator for the company, "From Section 8 to Real Estate", which assist individuals with the process and resources for purchasing a home. She is the creator and host for the Podcast and Blog "Mind Yo F'n Business", which showcases and highlights Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Artist and Entertainers. She is the owner of the company "Royalty Life Collection" that sells products like tea, cups, candles, and other merchandise and accessories to help you live a life of Royalty.

What inspired you to do what you do?

My inspiration comes from the desire to want to be great and help others to reach their greatest potential as well. I remember being a child and feeling like I had nobody but there were individuals who came into my life even for just moments that were very impactful and made a difference in who I've become today. In some way, shape or form, they told me or reminded me of my power even before I knew I possessed it. I just want to pay it forward and give others that feeling as well. Thats probably why I spent a majority of my life working with kids because I know how it feels to have someone be a light for you when you're surrounded by darkness. So since I've learned to keep my light lit, ive been encouraged to inspire others to do the same.

What was the biggest challenge you've had?

The biggest challenge I feel like I had to endure was growth. Evolving is a challenge because you shed so much. I lost money, I lost friends, I lost my grandmother and sometimes I had moments where I felt like I was losing my mind. When you come from nothing, you try to hold on to everything but when God wants to elevate you, he forces you to let go and sometimes for me that was a challenge that hindered me and made me waste a lot of time.

What advice would you give someone who wants to do what you do?

Press play! I wasted a lot of time being fearful, overthinking and procrastinating. Take care of your self and your mental health because those things play a huge factor in your productivity, your mindset and your ambition to get things done. The world is full of a lot of great people that never gets to display their greatness, don't be one of them, you can do it, You Got This!

What has your business taught you about yourself?

I am a procrastinator. I am an introvert. I like free structure (I made that up) and I need deadlines and reminders or I won't get stuff done.

What do you want your legacy to be?

"I want my legacy to be that I was a Purposeful and Powerful woman, who manifested miracles and always strived to succeed at whatever I wanted to be, do or have. I will be a successful author, Life Coach, Business Owner, Speaker, Vintner and Mogul. I want to be known for being the voice for the voiceless and the light for those experiencing darkness. I want to be remembered for my work, my style and the legacy that I leave behind for generations to come."

Whats the Tea?

The tea is that sometimes I listen to country music when I'm in the car by myself.

Social Media

@yoyothevoice on all platforms

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